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Here at Gold Refinery of San Diego we are expert buyers and sellers of Asian Gold. This higher karat gold is the preferred gold overseas in Asia and in the Asian Jewelry shops in the United States. Asian gold is typically much more yellow in color then what most people are used to in the United States. Some gold buyers in the US simply do not know how to evaluate Asian gold, because it has different properties then the 14K gold they are used to. Here at Gold Refinery of San Diego, we are experts in all high-karat gold, including 20K, 21K (875), 22K (916), 23K (965), and 24K (999). When you offer your gold to us for sale, we use our XRF (X-ray fluorescence) gold assay spectrometer to properly evaluate your gold so we can pay you for all the gold content. Other places may think high-karat gold is fake, or they may only want to pay an 18k price, or a 22k price, even for 24k gold.


Chinese gold jewelry and Chinese gold statues are usually 24K gold. 24K is the best, most pure type of gold. Oftentimes this gold will be marked "999" or "9999" to indicate 99.9% purity or better. Pure gold is very yellow in color, and it is also very malleable. Pure, Chinese gold will never tarnish. In recognition of the Chinese peoples' love for gold, the Chinese government produces and promotes the Chinese Panda gold coins. If you want to sell your Chinese gold for the most money, you have to sell your gold to a buyer who appreciates it, and values it properly. With our XRF X-ray technology, we have the equipment to properly evaluate your gold. Also, we have the experience and the knowledge to value your gold. 24K is the best, and we pay accordingly, you should not accept anything less.


Here at Gold Refinery of San Diego we are Thai gold experts. Sell your Thai gold to a gold buyer that has a full appreciation for Thai gold so that you receive the most money. Most Thai gold comes in two gold types: 22K and 23K gold. We find that if the gold is not stamped, it will typically be 22K. If the gold is stamped with a purity type, it is typically stamped "965" which is the code for 23K. Our X-ray gold tester can verify the exact gold content of any item. The Thai gold style that is most common is the bamboo link (necklaces mostly). Many people simply refer to Thai gold jewelry as Baht. Baht is money in Thailand the same way dollars are money in the US. However, Baht is also a weight measure and that's how it is used for gold. 1 Baht = 15.16 grams. Use the gold price chart on our homepage to figure the approximate market price of your gold.


We love to buy Japanese gold. It is almost always perfect 18 Karat Plumb. Regular 18K gold is supposed to be around 75% gold. It is usually a little less. In the trade we refer to this phenomenon as "underkarat." We find that the "18k" gold from Japan really is 75% pure, and it is a true testament to the honor and respect the Japanese people have for doing things right. We operate our business with the same principles and we respect the Japanese gold.


Like in China, the gold from Korea is mostly 24K. Since 24K is the best, most pure gold, it is our favorite. As a refinery we incur expenses when we have to refine gold to 24K. When you bring us gold that is already 24K, it costs us less to recycle it, and as a result we can pay you more. We really appreciate high-karat gold from Korea.

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