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Who's the best silver buyer in San Diego?

Here at Gold Refinery of San Diego, we buy and refine a lot of silver.  We buy large sets of flatware, large pieces of tableware, as long as they are marked "sterling."  We also buy large collections of silver coins and medals, heavy silver bars, and large statues made of solid silver.  We buy wearable sterling silver jewelry (we do not have interest to buy most broken sterling jewelry that vendors bring us).

The highest payouts are for pure silver Coins and Commercial Grade Bullion (bars and medallions marked "99" or "925" or "Sterling"). These payouts typically range from 85% - 99% of the silver spot price. Collectible coins are sometimes purchased at a premium. To get an exact offer on your items, call us with an exact description, or visit us as a walk-in.

WE BUY SILVER WITH A 50 OUNCE MINIMUM (NET SILVER CONTENT). We can only assist eligible customers.


Aren't all silver buyers the same?

No. Many silver buyers only have acid to test silver. With acid it is very difficult to differentiate between different grades of silver (Mexican silver, sterling silver, pure silver). If the dealer cannot determine which type of silver you have, he or she may not pay you the proper price. Here at Gold Refinery of San Diego, we have two XRF silver testers that can test silver purity with a margin of error as low as .01%.

In fact, by dealing with a refinery you are dealing with a company whose business model is based on earning a small profit margin.  We are unlike your typical jeweler, pawn shop, or antique dealer, who is only satisfied to pay you 50% of your item's value.

We love collections sterling jewelry with turquoise.

Platinum Buyer

We buy platinum in all its solid forms including: coins, bars, jewelry, sheet, and wire.

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Our Buying office is located at:
5859 Mission Gorge Road, San Diego, CA 92120

Our gold and silver buying office is centrally located in San Diego for your convenience. We want your 'cash for silver' experience to be convenient and safe. As such we do not see customers at our gold refinery... customers can sell gold and silver to one of our gold and silver buyers at our buying office on Mission Gorge Road.


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