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At Gold Refinery of San Diego we pay real cash for gold.

Most "Cash for Gold" sellers would prefer the gold dealer who pays the most money. We understand this fact and we have built our business with this one concept in mind. Our only goal here at Gold Refinery of San Diego is to offer sellers the most money in all of San Diego for their gold. By investing in the most advanced assaying and refining equipment, and by employing the most knowledgeable staff, we have placed ourselves at the top of the food chain in San Diego's gold community. Although it is normal for refineries to be wholesale only, and even though it may frustrate the other local gold buyers, we believe everyone deserves the best deal when selling their gold. Hence, we are open to the public. As a result, you can sell your gold to a refinery, the same place that gold professionals sell gold.

Sell your gold for cash and you do not have to worry that a check will bounce after you attempted to cash in gold. If you are attempting to cash in gold and you have a huge amount of gold, it is unreasonable to expect the gold buyer to have an extravagant amount of cash for gold on hand. Other gold dealers may not want to endure the added risks associated with keeping exorbitant amounts of cash on hand, and they may have limits on how much money for gold they will give you in cash. If you are accepting a large check, you may want to call the dealer's bank and verify the funds are available. Further, check the Better Business Bureau and make sure you are dealing with a reputable dealer.

Here at Gold Refinery of San Diego, we welcome you to check our standing as a Better Business Bureau Accredited business. For most transactions we have cash available on hand and we offer you payment by your choice of cash, check, or wire transfer. For extremely large transactions we offer payment by cash, check or wire transfer (we can wire you money on the spot, right from our computer), and we welcome you to check our standing with our bank. Our bank details are made available by request. Once you have established that you are dealing with a reputable gold dealer and that the dealer offers payment in a way you find acceptable, your next term requirement should be that you be paid the absolute highest amount of cash for gold that you can get. We offer the most competitive payment amounts, and we back this claim with our guarantee. We actually guarantee to pay the highest cash payouts for gold jewelry in San Diego.

5859 Mission Gorge Road, San Diego, CA 92120
Now open to the public!
We take walk-in's Monday through Friday, Noon to 6PM.

Our gold buying office is centrally located in San Diego for your convenience. We want your 'cash for gold' experience to be convenient and safe. As such we do not see customers at our gold refinery... customers can sell gold to one of our Gold Buyers at our buying office on Mission Gorge Road.


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Gold Refinery of San Diego
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